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Guidelines for Watering Texas Lawns

New Lawn Watering
Established Lawn Watering
Watering Suggestions
Freeze Protection for Pressure Vacuum Breaker

New Lawn Watering

  Beds / Sprays Beds / Drip Zones Spray Zones Rotor Zones
Week 1 Twice Daily – 2 min Daily – 30 min Twice Daily – 15 min Twice Daily – 40 min
Week 2 Daily – 3 min Daily – 30 min Daily – 15 min Daily – 40 min
Week 3 Every Other Day – 5 min Every Other Day – 30 min Every Other Day – 15 min Every Other Day – 40 min

Winter Time
For new sod, 3 times per week for 2 weeks, there after 2 times per week

Established Lawn Watering
The Metroplex contains many different soil types. Monitor your yard and garden watering to find what is suitable for plant growth. The following is a suggested watering schedule. Each yard is different, so monitor your garden.

# of times
per week

Start Time
January 1 per week 15-20 min. 9:00am
February 1-2 per week 15-20 min. 9:00am
March 1-2 per week 15-20 min. 8:00am
April 2-3 per week 15-20 min. 4:00am
May every other day 15-20 min. 4:00am
June every other day 15-20 min. 4:00am
July 3-4 per week 15-20 min. 4:00am
August 3-4 per week 15-20 min. 4:00am
September 3 per week 15-20 min. 4:00am
October 2-3 per week 15-20 min. 4:00am
November 1-2 per week 15-20 min. 5:00am
December 1 per week 15-20 min. 6:00am

** Triple the above times for rotary type sprinkler heads & drip zones.

** EXCEPTION: You must be in compliance with your city or counties water restrictions. Adjust your watering days and start times accordingly.

If you expect a severe freeze (temperatures below 32°F) water heavily to close air pocket and insulate around root systems, then turn off sprinkler.

NOTE: Soil types, sun exposure and climatic conditions will vary from site to site.  Please monitor your watering.

Watering Suggestions
  1. Lawn sprinkler tree bubbler zones: Trees should be deep watered by bubbler zone every five to seven days.
  2. All new plants should be watered daily for the first 2 weeks.
  3. Do not water from 12:00pm to 6pm. This is the hottest part of the day. Also, avoid watering at night as this promotes fungus growth.
  4. Sprinklers should be set to start at 3:00am - 7:00am during summer and after 8am during winter.
  5. During winter months with early morning temperatures below 38°F, the freeze/rain sensor will prevent sprinklers from coming on. Start times should be later in the morning.
  6. During heavy rains, the freeze/rain sensor can prevent the sprinkler system from coming on for 2 - 3 days. During summer the rain/freeze sensor will need to be bypassed so new lawns can be watered.
    NOTE: If new sod is not watered for 24 - 48 hours during warm and hot months the sod will be damaged or will die.
    Lack of watering or over watering will void warranties that may have been in place on any plants, trees or grass.
  7. Do not water the foliage. This may result is sun scald during the heat of the day.
  8. Keep new sod wet for 10 days after installation.
  9. Water should deep soak the ground. Your plants need to establish deep root systems. Light watering keeps the top wet and does not encourage roots to grow deeper.
  10. Allow root balls to dry between each watering as this will prevent root rot and will draw oxygen into the soil. However, never allow a root ball to dry out completely.
  11. Over Watering: If a plant starts to look poorly and you have been watering on a regular schedule, wait 24 hours after a watering and lift the affected plant and observe the bottom of the hole. If there is water standing in the hole discontinue watering.
NOTE: Soil conditions throughout Texas vary. These are recommendations only. Please consult your local nurseryman for your specific soil type.

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